First HT fermentation installation at Lindum AS

Hyperthermics Energy AS and Lindum AS has signed an agreement to install the first HT fermentation unit at the Lindum biogas plant. The design capacity will be 10.000 tonnes/pa food waste and meet the hygienisation criteria for type 3 waste. Installation and commissioning will be done in 2016. The installation will, in addition to the design biogas pretreatment, also test and document production of biohydrogen in the HT fermentation reactor as well as enable alternative substrates to be tested.


Hyperthermics has signed R&D contracts for the HYPERFERMENETAN project with NFR, NMBU, and NIBIO. The project aims to contribute to the understanding and documentation of the HT fermentation technology as a pre-treatment step in biogas processes. The work will be performed at the Hyperthermics laboratories in Regensburg, Germany and at the NIBIOand NMBU biogas laboratories at Ås, Norway. The project is supported financially by NFR as part of the EnergyX research program. /