Hyperthermics AS has developed a pioneering fermentation technology that uses living organisms to transform biomass into renewable energy, in a fast and environmentally friendly way. The ancient organisms have been extracted from places deep within the earth or hydrothermal vents on the seafloor; heated by volcanic activity.

The technology can be used to transform a variety of products, such as organic waste, manure, algae, and make renewable energy more accessible. In addition, it helps reduce climate gas emissions by removing methane from the cycle. 

While most biogas facilities produce their gas at a temperature of 30–40 degrees Celsius, Hyperthermics' plants operate at 80 degrees Celsius. This creates a high-speed process that is easier to control, while the high temperature hygienise the biomass by killing harmful bacteria. The first full scale Hyperthermics facility, with a capacity of 10.000 tonnes per year, is operated by Lindum AS; a biogas facility outside Drammen in Norway.