Three reasons for choosing biogas


To reach the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals, a growing number of people have started to use alternative sources for energy and fuel – one of them being biogas.

Naturally produced by fermenting organic waste, it is a renewable resource with much potential. You may have heard about cars or buses that depend only on liquefied natural gas, but did you know that biogas is more environmentally friendly than natural gas? Biogas is, in fact, one of the most attractive alternative sources of renewable energy.

We believe that biogas will be increasingly important in the future. Why? Here are three reasons for choosing biogas:

  1. It’s a smart resource
    When we use organic waste to produce biogas, we take advantage of resources that would otherwise be lost. For instance, instead of throwing out our food waste, we can utilize these leftovers by fermenting them and produce energy in the form of biogas.

    But it doesn't stop there, because it is not only our food waste that can be turned into green energy. Wastewater, sewage and animal manure are other organic matters that can be used to produce biogas.

  2. It’s environmentally friendly
    The EU has classified biogas as one of the non-fossil renewable energy sources that not only produces energy, but also helps improve the state of air pollution, the so-called greenhouse effect. This means that when biogas is produced the right way, it can actually help reduce the level of CO2 in the air!

    In addition, nutrients are recycled as fertilizer. This means that when producing biogas, both the main product (biogas) and the by-product (the nutrients) are highly useful and good for the environment.

  3. It’s cost effective
    When producing biogas, we use different kinds of waste that would otherwise be thrown away without being utilized. They are by-products of our daily lives, which means they are relatively easy to access – they are already a part of most countries’ utility-systems, like sewage and waste. So once a system for delivery to a biogas plant is in place, it is a smooth operation to turn our waste into green energy.

    This waste would have to be disposed of somehow, and by utilizing it in the production of biogas and recycling the nutrients, we help save our environment in the process. Biogas is a cost effective resource, especially when you include the Hyperthermics plant, which speed up the process and make it even more effective.

So, by taking advantage of organic waste and fermenting it, we can create renewable energy that will help reduce the CO2 level in the air. Biogas is a clean source of energy and fuel, with no net emission levels and environmentally friendly nutrients as by-product.

That’s why we call it: The green shift revolution.